This page is to show of tools i have made going from simpler more basic to more complicated, just to kind of show how i have developed in the TA tool side of things.

First here is some Maya MEL scripting i have made spawning objects and changing objects, using for loops to make an array of objects and so on ending with a bounding box collision tool.

I learned how to make a obj exporter with Pymel and Qt, i first started of with only working with Pymel doing the UI with it aswell. This video is the later result of learning how Qt works linking it together with the Pymel script and only loading the xml script that activates the ui file and with that controls the backend Pymel script.

This is neither a game or a tool but fall more atm into the category of being a tool in my mind even though its used inside the Unity engine when in game mode. Its WIP and could in the ned become either one. Its a base of a grid based pathfinding system where Ai:s can go to different transform positions in X,Y,Z.