My first project is called Dread Bot Factory in short DBF.

The intended Unique selling point (USP) with this project is that the levels changes dynamically depending on time and progress done by the player. Backtracking then gets affected in the routes that can be taken that in turn makes optimisation something to strive for.

Here is a short video of what the game looks like.

E-BOT is basically my name but backwards and E is an abstraction of the energy that goes from player to the game/lucid space. For me that energy in gaming started with the first Megaman on NES that is why i got inspired to make E-BOT.

I used my SID game design framework of metroidvania backtracking design for this project in tandem of learning to do 2D matrix array map code just to push myself further as i enjoy exploring backtracking level design.

Here is an abstraction of this level design in its macro system where the longer the time the easier the route and vice versa to balance the risk reward feedback loops. The choices avalable will also get minimized more and more as time goes by to balance out the character and player skillset.


Click the image down below to see a higher resolution of my preplanned level design of Dread Bot Factory.