Flying Penguin is a game project which i did in order to learn how to code the basics and export it properly to Windows Phone that i got at the time and android which i have now and recorded on directly in the video below.

I went through the process of uploading it on google app store aswell, just click the image underneath to download it. Currently android 7.1 and over is the only versions that can download it, i am working on a fix to that currently.

When i studied game design and graphics at GAME in Uppsala University campus Gotland at the end of every spring semester we have a big expo where we showed of a game project.

This was the first year project in which i participated in doing mainly graphics and animations. I was and am very proud of being part of this team and this project.

The game can be summarized as the Wii U before it was a thing, one player set out the traps as a boss while the other gets through the level as the traps are set in realtime.