I have worked on some different projects that involved mocap animations these are just some of the animations i have recorded and cleaned with different actors and later on are animations where i was the actor myself.

These first two videos are animations for a untitled procedurally generated zombie game i used to work on. I cleaned the trc mocap data through a mocap software called cortex that i then imported into motionbuilder and rigged to a mannequinn in its T pose. In this first video for the zombie animations the cortex trc data can be seen around the mannequinn as white dots.


Then i retargeted these animations to a mesh rigg aswell as cutting all the unnecessary animations away while saving the necessary animations into different parts in the same fbx file. I then cleaned the data some more with hand animation and posematching for looping animations.

I did the same to the soldier animations and here is the result of those animations being retargeted to its mesh rigg. First is the Range Of Movement (ROM) test and then comes the animation.



I worked on a different game that was an FPS and these are some of the animations that was planned for it and the later part of the video i was the actor.



Here are 2 classes within the same unnamed FPS game that is retargeted from the mannequin animations above by me.

NOTE The first character run animation is looped by the video editing only as i only had the capture from start to end! I am currently looking into capturing the animation in engine again for a longer period of time to better show the interpolation posematching.


Megaman is property of Capcom, i retarget the animations to my own modell of Megaman as a test.