My name is Tobias Wahlberg and welcome to my portfolio site!

Here is a short sample video a little over 1 minute showing my skillsets.

I am a 27 year old swedish guy who has been studying game design and graphics for three years and taken a bachelors degree in researching the Metroidvania subgenre backtracking level design and the definitions of these words. I created the SID framework that abstracts the flow of locks and keys and what defined types of locks and keys that exists in backtracking games.

I also took another fourth year extra where i tested implementations for new technology.

After that i took courses in Java aswell as C# while working on the application flying penguin that is now released on google play store and can be found under other projects.

At this moment i am widening my skillset more as a technical artist at BTH Karlskrona learning more in multitude of programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Python aswell as scripting in MEL. I am using this knowledge when making my own in engine game, level design workflow tools to support my game design better aswell as overall automation.

Click the picture underneath to get to the Uppsala DIvA database to read my game design paper.


If you want to see my Linkedin profile click the image below.